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Programming with Python


Eligibility: Science/CS/IT graduates

or engineering any stream students having 50% marks.



  • Data types, Variables and Operators in Python

  • Mathematical operations in Python

  • Strings In Python

  • Accepting input from the user in Python

  • Performing operations on a string in Python

  • Control Structures In Python (If, Else if, For, List, Loop)

  • Modules

  • Functions, Package, Methods in Python

  • Exception Handling & File Handling In Python

  • List Slicing, Tuples

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Generators and Decorators

  • Regular Expressions In Python

We actively provide placement assistance for students.

Aptech Learning students are placed as:

  • Data Analytics Professional, Machine Learning Engineer, Python Web Application Developer, Web Developer, Programmer, E-Commerce Professional, Android App Developer, Data Analytics Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Statistician, Big Data Professional, MIS Professional In The IT Sector..

  • Placements in corporate such as like Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Syntel, Dell, HCL, Reliance Jio, Ugam Solutions, HDFC Bank, IBM and many more.

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