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complete Java course syllabus.

Eligibility: IT students/ professionals/ engineers


Core Java SE8


  • Data types, operators

  • Decision making and loop constructs

  • Work with Arrays and String classes, packages and access specifiers

  • OOP concept implementation

  • Functional programming features of Java 8

  • Exceptions and Assertions, I/O operations

  • JDBC, Thread implementation, Lambdas in refactoring Java

  • Explain Swing API

  • Collection, Java Logging API and ResourceBundle, Annotation

Servlet JSP, Frameworks and Web services


  • Servlet

  • JSP

  • Query with HQL and JPA QL

  • Spring framework

  • Hibernate



  • RDBMS and MySQL server, privileges

  • Data types, creation of a table.

  • Normalization, Indexes, Referential Integrity.

  • Describe the DDL, DML commands to view and alter a database.

  • ORDER BY and GROUP BY command

  • Table joins in MySQL

  • Explain Geospatial data and how to use it in MySQL.

  • Describe Stored Procedures.

  • Performance Optimization.


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Special interview grooming classes are conducted by our regional placement officer from Kolkata.

Spoken English class is also available at APTECH.

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