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Smart Pro - Red Hat System Administration


This program teaches the core system administration skills require in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. It teaches students to configure networking services and security on servers running a Red Hat Linux Operating System. This course is aimed to provide the student a path to global Red Hat Certifications, RHCSA and RHCE.


  1. Install and Configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 – SA1

  2. Manage and Maintain Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 – SA2

  3. Learn security management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 – SA3


SA1: Duration – 40hrs

  1.  Introduction to the command line

  2. Managing physical storage

  3. Learning how to install and configure software components and services

  4. Establishing network connections and firewall access

  5. Monitoring and managing processes

  6. Managing and securing files

  7. Administrating users and groups

  8. Accessing Linux file systems

  9. Installing and using virtualized systems

  10. Reviewing the system log files and journal


SA2: Duration – 30hrs

  1. Control services and daemons

  2. Manage IPv6 networking

  3. Configure link aggregation and bridging

  4. Control network port security

  5. Manage DNS for servers

  6. Configure email delivery

  7. Provide block-based storage

  8. Provide file-based storage

  9. Configure MariaDB databases

  10. Provide Apache HTTPD web service

  11. Write Bash scripts

  12. Bash conditionals and control structures

  13. Configure the shell environment

  14. Preview the capabilities of Linux containers and other related technologies in

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


SA3: Duration – 35hrs

  1. Automate installation with Kickstart

  2. Use regular expressions with grep

  3. Create and Edit text files with vim

  4. Schedule future Linux tasks

  5. Manage priority of Linux processes

  6. Control access to files with access control lists (ACL)

  7. Manage SELinux security

  8. Connect to network-defined users and groups

  9. Add disks, partitions, and file systems to a Linux system

  10. Manage logical volume management (LVM) storage

  11. Access networked attached storage with network file system (NFS)

  12. Access networked storage with SMB

  13. Control and troubleshoot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux boot process

  14. Limit network communication with firewall

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